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Welcome to Deep Cleaning, we are based in Birmingham and are local deep kitchen specialists for your industrial Kitchen.

If you are running a business that involves regular contact with food, in a kitchen, restaurant, takeaway or hotel, then you will know the importance of cleanliness, high standards and food safety. This also relates to not only your treatment of food, but the environment that you work in.

Many chefs, kitchen managers and hoteliers forget that compliance cleaning is key, which involves the whole kitchen, utensils, ducting flooring and all surfaces.

Get a compliance clean from the professionals

• We provide a full survey & Report on your Kitchen
• Full Proposal detailing everything needed
• A certificate on completion for you to present at an inspection
• A full report on any repairs or maintennace needed on extraction
• Discounts available on regular cleaning programmes.

If you need a deep clean get in touch on 0121 236 1448.



We're ISO 14001 approved, what does this mean? Watch the video to find out more...

If you are serious about cleanliness in your kitchen, then you will be familiar with TR19 regulations...



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