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About Deep Cleaning & What TR19 means to Birmingham businesses

The deep cleaning we provide starts at the ceiling and ends on the floor with everything in between taken into account, including ducting, ventilation, canopies, filters and extractors.

The frequency of your regular cleaning schedule depends on the use of the kitchen as well as the frequency of its use.
You can find out more about what TR19 means by watching the short video. This is serious for a business with a kitchen, as the implecations could be disasterous if a regular cleaning schedule is not followed closely.

• Deep steam cleaning
• A Vast experience of cleaning in hotels, schools, pubs and restaurants
• Canopies, extractor fans and filters must be cleaned regularly
• Full oven cleaning, deep fat fryers, fridges, tiles, floors and grills everything can be steam cleaned.
• All work carried out with no interruption to your business.
• Deep cleaning of cooking equipment, tables, shelves, walls, ceilings, floors & ventilation extract systems.

Should you need to know more, you can visit to find out more.

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TR19 compiance and cleaning.



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