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Inspection Cleans

Deep Cleaning - Preparing you for an inspection

Local authorities have a statutory duty to inspect food premises to ensure compliance under the Food Safety Act 1990. Inspectors can enter a premises without prior notice. Frequency of these inspections can depend on the potential risk posed by the nature and type of food prepared or sold. An inspection can identify hazards, areas of concern and inspectors have enforcement powers to close premises with suitable cause.

On the 8th July 2010 a fire started in a badly maintained ventilation system at Burger King in London Liverpool Street, causing major disruption for commuters and high costs to local services such as fire brigade and local police to manage disruption, as well as the cost to business and safety to customers.

This is a true story and situations like this must be avoided by businesses and this is now law! TR19 is the regulatory need for regular inspection, cleaning and maintenace in extraction systems and ducting that could pose a fire risk.

• Deep Cleaning can inspect all ducting as part of our deep cleaning programmes.
• Deep Cleaning can manage important cleaning schedules for complete compliance.
• Deep Cleaning can deep clean the whole of your industrial kitchen from floor to ceiling.
• Deep Cleaning can advise on your strategy for ongoing cleaning and maintenance.
• Deep Cleaning can also visit your premises to carry out 'mock' inspections for Health and Hygiene.

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